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Supporting Journalism in Ukraine

From safety risks to source validation, journalists working in Ukraine amidst the war grapple with formidable challenges. Supporting them is a key cornerstone of democratic Europe.

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Our network in action

We are a transnational network. We promote collaborative journalism across Europe. In times of change and turmoil we forge new paths in foreign reporting. This is how.
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Face it!

Wars, climate change, power shifts: It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we need to adapt. In this transformation our journalism provides guidance and provocation - by zooming in, changing perspectives, calling things by their name.

Spotlights on blind spots

In an ever more interconnected world foreign reporting needs more, not fewer resources. Ignoring perspectives leads to ignorant decisions. Instead of crisis driven parachute journalism we provide regional expertise and local perspectives.

Connecting the dots

To grasp the complexity of our world, we need to pool our brains and resources. This is exactly what n-ost does - connecting editors with experts, free lancers with clients, photographers with authors, money with content and content with reach.

Focus East

An integrated European media sphere is our vision. We strengthen the channels of mutual awareness across a Europe that is larger than the EU. Our focus is on the East. Especially in moments when the heart of Europe beats on the streets of Kyiv or Tbilisi.

Connect with journalists and media organisations

Browse the network to connect with n-ost members, find the right people for the job – or organisations to work with.
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Komila Nabiyeva

Freelance Journalist

Berlin, Germany

Aigerim Toleukhanova

Freelance Journalist

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Renate Zöller

Kulturkorrespondenz, Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa e.V.

Hürth, Germany

Elisabeth Bauer

Freelance Journalist, HU / freelance

Berlin, Germany

Karolina Mazurkiewicz

Art Director, Pismo

Elizaveta Kucherova

Program & Finance Manager, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Paweł Starzec

Freelance Photographer

Warsaw, Poland

Stefano Grazioli

Freelance Journalist

Bonn, Germany

Hannes Jung

Freelance Photographer

Berlin, Germany

Anita Back


Berlin, Germany

Daniela Capcarova

Media Relations Consultant

Humenne, Slovakia

Mandy Ganske-Zapf

Freelance Journalist

Magdeburg, Germany

Caleb Larson

Berlin, Germany

Carsten Fiedler

Social Media Manager, n-ost


Arndt Lorenz

TV Journalist, Westdeutscher Rundfunk /WDR

Aachen, Germany

Sarah-Lou Lepers

Editorial Coordinator, n-ost

Paris, France

Ulrike Butmaloiu

IDEM - Institute for Democracy, Media and Cultural Exchange

Berlin, Germany

Markus Niedobitek

Events, Community & Projects, n-ost

Halle (Saale), Germany

Johannes Rüger

Press Officer, OSCE

Eltville am Rhein, Germany

Sebastian Becker

Berlin, Germany

Stephan Ozsváth

Freelance Journalist, ARD Hörfunkstudio Südosteuropa

Wien, Austria

Carmen Eller

Freelance Journalist

Berlin, Germany

Markus Nowak

Journalist, Kulturkorrespondenz östliches Europa


Alexandra Zeitlin

Program & Fundraising Manager, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Barbara Breuer

Freelance Journalist

Berlin, Germany

Diana Laarz

Freelance Journalist

Moscow, Russian Federation

Michael Richmann

Multimedia Journalist, SWR Sport

Leverkusen, Germany

Fermín Torrano

Media Network Manager, n-ost

Madrid, Spain

Judith Langowski

Newsletter Editor, Reuters

Berlin, Germany

Magdalena Kicińska

Editor in Chief, Pismo


Peggy Lohse

Freelance Journalist

Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

Luke Johnson

Freelance Journalist

Berlin, Germany

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Some of the recent writing that stems from current n-ost projects and members.