Next Station: Ukraine – n-ost Billboard exhibition in Berlin subway opens

Teaser: In November, the journalistic network n-ost connects Berlin's public space with the reality of Ukraine. We show images of Ukrainians sheltering in Kyiv and Kharkiv subways, in three Berlin's subway stations.

Successfully covering complex issues requires more than just repeating what other media said before. But general advice such as to adapt the topic to your local context and tell an interesting story about real people are easier said than done.

Therefore, as of August 2021, n-ost supports twelve independent online media from Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and Armenia in tackling these challenges. Please meet: Our new project Online journalism, in-depth!

Funding to develop stories on climate change

Over the course of three and a half years project participants will be provided the opportunity to develop a specific journalistic profile on either the topic of climate change, health policy or information society. Our mediapartners will receive funding to produce three large, in-depth publications.

  • And they will participate in a series of mostly online activities
  • designed to deepen their knowledge
  • and to facilitate new contacts with experts on the respective topic.