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European Public Spheres

While the lives of Europeans are interconnected, the public sphere is not. European public spheres only become apparent during pan-European crises, when the whole continent is talking about the same issue. In between, national topics dominate the media coverage, obscuring the view on similarities and differences, rifts and reciprocal misunderstandings between countries and regions.

Through our projects and publications, we connect newsrooms and different perspectives, contributing to the emergence of the much hoped for European public sphere and regional subspheres. We provide resources to explore ways and means of cooperation between journalists across Europe - and spread the awareness that European journalism only works when we take off our national lenses.

Photo: Ramin Mazur

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Network members in related projects

Check out all the participating journalists listed here. This is what brings them together.

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Sophie Elmenthaler

Editor, n-ost

Anita Back


Berlin, Germany

Marijan Vrdoljak

euro|topics correspondent Croatia, Freelance journalist

Zagreb, Croatia

Kristina Karasu

euro|topics correspondent Turkey, Freelance journalist

Istanbul, Turkey

Dimiter Muftieff

euro|topics correspondent Bulgaria, Bulgarischer Nationalrundfunk

Sofia, Bulgaria

Oliver Bilger

Journalist at Welt am Sonntag, WELT AM SONNTAG

Berlin, Germany

Hans-Jörg Schmidt

euro|topics correspondent Czechia and Slovakia, Freelance journalist

Prague, Czech Republic

Hannes Jung

Freelance Photographer

Berlin, Germany

Florian Bachmeier


La Lastra de Castro, Spain

Tom Gebhardt

Editor, Freelancer

Palma, Spain

Magdalena Kicińska

Editor in Chief, Pismo


Anastasia Anisimova

Creative Producer, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Karolina Mazurkiewicz

Art Director, Pismo

Paweł Starzec

Freelance Photographer

Warsaw, Poland

Annett Müller-Heinze

euro|topics correspondent Romania, Freelance journalist

Bukarest, Romania

Caroline Chrissi Wilkens

euro|topics correspondent Greece and Cyprus, Freelance journalist

Chania-Kreta, Greece

Alexander Kloss

Berlin-based freelance journalist specialising in politics, culture and economics

Berlin, Germany

Ramin Mazur


Chisinau, Moldova

Stefan Günther

project manager / photo editor, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Kornélia Kiss

Media Network Manager, euro|topics correspondent in Hungary, Freelance journalist

Budapest, Hungary

Sarah-Lou Lepers

Editorial Coordinator, n-ost

Paris, France

Antonina Rybka

Project Manager, n-ost


Oksana Mamchenkova

Project Coordinator, n-ost

Kyiv, Ukraine

Fermín Torrano

Media Network Manager, n-ost

Madrid, Spain

Marika Ikonomu

Media Network Manager | Freelance Multimedia Journalist, n-ost

Rome, Italy

Marc Bräutigam

Social Media Manager, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Katarina Kukla

Project Assistant, n-ost


Carsten Fiedler

Social Media Manager, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Francesco Martino

Media Network Manager, n-ost

Sofia, Bulgaria

Dirk Auer

Freelance Journalist

Berlin, Germany

Ulrike Schuler

Editor, eurotopics

Judith Fiebelkorn

Senior Editor / Editorial Coordinator, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Arthur Bondar


Ole Witt


Berlin, Germany

Stephan Bader

Editor, n-ost / freelancer

Berlin, Germany

Maxim Edwards

Journalist at Bellingcat, Bellingcat

Berlin, Germany

More focus areas

We are always reacting to current issues but there are also some topics which have been recurrent themes in our work. Here are a few.

Supporting Journalism in Ukraine

From safety risks to source validation, journalists working in Ukraine amidst the war grapple with formidable challenges. Supporting them is a key cornerstone of democratic Europe.
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Networking Journalism

On our media conferences, in kitchen talks and on research trips we connect journalists for collaboration and reflection. Using synergies and sharing insights improves our work, saves resources - and is fun.
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Documentary Photography

Images are playing an increasingly important role in the perception of journalistic topics. We develope photographic projects and work with photographers from all over Europe.
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Climate Journalism

Every journalist is a climate journalist. Or should be one, at least. Climate change affects each and every aspect of life. So, let´s put it, where it belongs: On top of the agenda.
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Foreign Reporting

The world fades away, when media lack the resources to report from their neighboring states or correspondents have to cover whole continents. We lobby for it.
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Exile & Decolonisation

We deconstruct colonial narratives, strenghen decolonial media practice and support exiled journalists in reporting for and about their countries.
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Feminism & LGBTIQ+

We want to empower journalists to unlock authentic narratives and promote diverse representation within the media content through a queer feminist perspective.
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Investigative Journalism

In our interconnected world, investigate journalism has to transcend borders. We help connect the dots on issues that resonate globally.
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Disinformation is a key challenge for journalism all over the world. We support journaliststs to cope with it.
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