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PULSE is a cross-border journalistic project embracing a collaborative approach to editorial production. It brings together 10 prominent national media outlets.

PULSE is a cross-border journalism initiative that takes a collaborative approach to editorial production to foster a vibrant European public sphere.

It brings together 10 prominent national media outlets (Delfi – Lithuania, Deník Referendum – Czechia, Der Standard – Austria, EFSYN – Greece, El Confidencial – Spain, Gazeta Wyborcza – Poland, Hotnews – Romania, HVG – Hungary, Il Sole 24 Ore – Italy, Mediapool – Bulgaria) and 3 transnational media organisations (n-ost, OBCT, Voxeurop).

PULSE's collaborative hub produces and distributes journalistic content covering European affairs on a daily basis. The stories present new and diverse perspectives and are translated into 12 different European languages. Special attention is paid to under-reported countries, regions and social groups, including rural areas and small and medium-sized EU countries.

n-ost is coordinating the creation of thematic networks - open to all journalists - that will focus on key issues such as EU enlargement; Europe and global power dynamics; the EU's green transition; media and the information society.


European Union
PULSE’s activities are partly funded by the project’s members, and mostly co-financed by the European Commission (DG CONNECT) under the Multimedia Actions through the grant agreement LC-02772862.