The press review euro|topics reflects the diversity of opinions in Europe and builds bridges between different media landscapes. We take debates out of their national context and promote discourse beyond borders, language barriers and filter bubbles.

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Correspondents in all the EU member states as well as Great Britain, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine monitor more than 600 print and online media across the entire political spectrum and translate excerpts from opinion pieces. Political, economic and social issues are continually examined from different perspectives. 

The  press review is published Monday to Friday in German, English, French,  Russian and Turkish. You can sign up to receive it as as an email newsletter or RSS feed for free.

A database provides information about more than 600 print and online media in over 30 countries,  including details about their political profile, publishers and circulation figures.

Participating journalists

Check out all the participating journalists listed here. This is what brings them together.

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Sarah Portner

Höhenkirchen, Germany

Leo Mausbach


Tilo Wagner

euro|topics correspondent Portugal, Freelance journalist

Sintra, Portugal

Brigitte Kramer

euro|topics correspondent Spain, Freelance journalist

Bunyola, Spain

Peter Bognar

euro|topics Korrespondent Österreich

Szentendre, Hungary

Aukse Bruveriene

euro|topics correspondent Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania

Dilsad Budak Sarioglu

euro|topics correspondent Turkey, Freelance journalist

?stanbul, Turkey

Nicholas Bukovec

euro|topics correspondent UK

Co. Dublin, Ireland

Eva Clausen

euro|topics correspondent Italy, Freelance journalist

Rom, Italy

Maris Hellrand

euro|topics correspondent Estonia, Freelance journalist

Tallinn, Estonia

Nina Henkelmann

euro|topics correspondent France, Freelance journalist

Cesson-Sévigné, France

Claudia Knauer

euro|topics correspondent Denmark, Nordschleswiger

Aabenraa, Denmark

Anne Rentzsch

euro|topics correspondent Sweden, Freelance journalist

Enskede, Sweden

Simon Roth

euro|topics correspondent Switzerland and Austria

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Ksenija Samardzija-Matul

euro|topics correspondent Slovenia, Freelance journalist

Maribor, Slovenia

Claudius Technau

euro|topics correspondent Finland, Freelance journalist

Helsinki, Finland

Clara Weber

euro|topics correspondent France, Freelance journalist

Dieter Weiand

euro|topics correspondent Sweden, Freelance journalist

Drottningholm, Sweden

Gaelle Legrand

euro|topics social media editor French, freelance

London, France

Maria Spiridonova

euro|topics social media editor Russian

Geneva, Switzerland

Tugba Tekerek

euro|topics social media editor Turkish, freelance

Be?ikta?/?stanbul, Turkey

Harry Stopes

Berlin, Germany

Liudmyla Berdnyk

euro|topics Korrespondentin Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

Susanne Šemelė

euro|topics correspondent Lithuania

Marijan Vrdoljak

euro|topics correspondent Croatia, Freelance journalist

Zagreb, Croatia

Kristina Karasu

euro|topics correspondent Turkey, Freelance journalist

Istanbul, Turkey

Dimiter Muftieff

euro|topics correspondent Bulgaria, Bulgarischer Nationalrundfunk

Sofia, Bulgaria

Hans-Jörg Schmidt

euro|topics correspondent Czechia and Slovakia, Freelance journalist

Prague, Czech Republic

Annett Müller-Heinze

euro|topics correspondent Romania, Freelance journalist

Bukarest, Romania

Caroline Chrissi Wilkens

euro|topics correspondent Greece and Cyprus, Freelance journalist

Chania-Kreta, Greece

Kornélia Kiss

Media Network Manager, euro|topics correspondent in Hungary, Freelance journalist

Budapest, Hungary

Dirk Auer

Freelance Journalist

Berlin, Germany