European Focus

Each week, we bring you a newsletter with surprising and informative perspectives on the issues that move Europeans.

Our mission is to connect the topics and discussions that are moving Europeans and to look – together – at the bigger European picture.

Because Europe is not just Brussels: it’s also Sarajevo, Madrid, Warsaw, Paris, Tallinn, Rome, Budapest, Berlin… And we’re all in it together.

That’s why each week journalists from our nine newsrooms meet online for a European editorial meeting to discuss topics that connect or affect us all and to exchange our different perspectives on them.

We decide together on the topics and produce each newsletter jointly with a weekly rotating team of five journalists and Editor-in-Chiefs.

Our newsletter consists of five brief original pieces, which we also republish in the local languages of our different print and online publications to bring a variety of perspectives to our readers.

To engage in this truly European discussion is the very basis for a democratic debate on our continent. With European Focus, we aim to contribute to this European public space.

Together, we can understand our Europe better.