Focus Area

Feminism & LGBTIQ+

How to avoid the heterosexual and male gaze in journalistic work? How do we talk and write about systemic inequalities without slipping into trauma porn? What principles should be used to form a pool of experts and commentators? And for that matter, why should the use of gender-neutral language be written into the editorial policy, even if the majority of the audience does not accept it yet? There is a certain way resources are distributed in newsrooms and topics on the agenda are prioritised, it's not random. We want to challenge that status quo.

We don’t want to impose a certain vision of queer feminist on anyone – it already exists successfully without us. We want to shed light on feminist perspectives and describe the realities of queer people in different regions by empowering local journalists to promote diverse representation within the media content.  We also aim to improve foreign reporting on underrepresented groups and support the media in reaching a broader audience in homophobic and patriarchal societies. For us, it is not just another topic but an integral part of who we are. It’s not about ‘them’, it is about us.

More focus areas

We are always reacting to current issues but there are also some topics which have been recurrent themes in our work. Here are a few.

Supporting Journalism in Ukraine

From safety risks to source validation, journalists working in Ukraine amidst the war grapple with formidable challenges. Supporting them is a key cornerstone of democratic Europe.
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Networking Journalism

On our media conferences, in kitchen talks and on research trips we connect journalists for collaboration and reflection. Using synergies and sharing insights improves our work, saves resources - and is fun.
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Documentary Photography

Images are playing an increasingly important role in the perception of journalistic topics. We develope photographic projects and work with photographers from all over Europe.
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Climate Journalism

Every journalist is a climate journalist. Or should be one, at least. Climate change affects each and every aspect of life. So, let´s put it, where it belongs: On top of the agenda.
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Foreign Reporting

The world fades away, when media lack the resources to report from their neighboring states or correspondents have to cover whole continents. We lobby for it.
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Exile & Decolonisation

We deconstruct colonial narratives, strenghen decolonial media practice and support exiled journalists in reporting for and about their countries.
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European Public Spheres

Domestic issues dominate the media coverage, but European journalism only works if we widen the lens beyond the national.
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Investigative Journalism

In our interconnected world, investigate journalism has to transcend borders. We help connect the dots on issues that resonate globally.
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Disinformation is a key challenge for journalism all over the world. We support journaliststs to cope with it.
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