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Some of the recent writing that stems from current n-ost projects and members.

Network members in related projects

Check out all the participating journalists listed here. This is what brings them together.

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Lara Rindt

Project Manager, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Natálie Zehnalová

Community Manager, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Michalina Kowol

Freelance Journalist

Berlin, Germany

Aleksander Palikot

Correspondent, RFE/RL

Kyiv, Ukraine

Yelizaveta Landenberger

Journalist and translator, HU Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Mitya Churikov

Autor, rbb

Berlin, Germany

Nikita Afanasjew

Author and Journalist, Tagesspiegel

Berlin, Germany

Nils Bröer

Photographer and Journalist

Berlin, Germany

Elisabeth Bauer

Freelance Journalist, HU / freelance

Berlin, Germany

Marco Fieber

Executive Director, Libereco

München, Germany

Ingrid Brekke

Journalist, Aftenposten

Oslo, Norway

Krsto Lazarevic

Journalist, Ballaballa-Balkan

Berlin, Germany

Florian Bachmeier


La Lastra de Castro, Spain

Isabelle Daniel

Journalist, AFP

Berlin, Germany

Anastasia Magazova

Journalist, taz

Berlin, Germany

Peggy Lohse

Freelance Journalist

Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

Mila Corlăteanu

Project Manager, n-ost

Berlin, Germany

Inga Pylypchuk

Freelance Journalist, Free

Berlin, Germany

Dóra Diseri

Journalist, Deutsche Welle Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Othmara Glas

Journalist, FAZ

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Natalia Sergheev

Journalist, RFE/RL

Chisinau, Moldova

Judith Langowski

Newsletter Editor, Reuters

Berlin, Germany

Denis Trubetskoy

Freelance Journalist

Kyiv, Ukraine

Emile Ducke


Berlin, Germany

Sebastian Christ

Civil Expert, Cyber Innovation Hub der Bundeswehr

Berlin, Germany

Olivia Kortas

Freelance Journalist

Warsaw, Poland

Daria Sukharchuk

Health Reporter, APM Health Europe

Berlin, Germany

Aigerim Toleukhanova

Freelance Journalist

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Kaja Puto

Freelance Journalist

Sosnowiec, Poland

Philipp Fritz

Correspondent, Die Welt

Berlin and Warsaw, Germany

Frederik Rother

Author and Journalist, Deutschlandfunk

Köln, Germany

Rūta Vimba

Project Manager

Berlin, Germany

Maxim Edwards

Journalist at Bellingcat, Bellingcat

Warsaw, Poland

Anita Back

Photographer, Photographer

Berlin, Germany

Cassiano Gobbet


Strasbourg, France

Zoltán Sipos

Journalist, Átlátszó Erdély

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Johann Stephanowitz

Journalist, Zeit Online

Berlin, Germany, Germany

Magdalena Kicińska

Editor in Chief, Pismo


Robert Putzbach

Journalist, FAZ

Berlin, Germany

Ana Gherciu


Chisinau, Moldova

Jerko Bakotin

Staff Journalist, Novosti

Zagreb, Croatia

Kornélia Kiss

Media Network Manager, euro|topics correspondent in Hungary, Freelance journalist

Budapest, Hungary

Ulrike Gruska

Press Officer, Reporter ohne Grenzen

Berlin, Germany

Clemens Schöll

Journalist, Clean Energy Wire

Berlin, Germany

Stefan Schocher

Freelance Journalist

Wien, Austria

Dirk Auer

Freelance Journalist

Berlin, Germany

Oliver Bilger

Journalist at Welt am Sonntag, WELT AM SONNTAG

Berlin, Germany

Martin Fejer

Photographer and Journalist, est&ost photography

Berlin, Germany

Ulrike Butmaloiu

IDEM - Institute for Democracy, Media and Cultural Exchange

Berlin, Germany

Christina Hebel

Correspondent, Der Spiegel

Hamburg, Germany

Melanie Longerich

Journalist, Deutschlandfunk

Köln, Germany

Edda Schlager

Correspondent Centra/Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Germany Trade & Invest

Berlin, Germany

Jan Opielka

Freelance Journalist

Gliwice, Poland

Annette Streicher

Freelance Journalist, ZDF

Berlin, Germany

Markus Nowak

Journalist, Kulturkorrespondenz östliches Europa


Cornelia Kästner


Geneva, Switzerland, Switzerland

Andreas Metz

Referent, Ost-Ausschuss Osteuropaverein der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V.

Berlin, Germany

Nancy Waldmann

Journalist, Märkische Onlinezeitung

Franfurt Oder, Germany

Tamina Kutscher

Freelance Journalist

Berlin, Germany

Gemma Pörzgen

Freelance Journalist, Ost-West.Europäische Perspektiven

Berlin , Germany

Renate Zöller

Kulturkorrespondenz, Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa e.V.

Hürth, Germany

Paul Katzenberger

Journalist, RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland

Moscow, Russian Federation

Simone Brunner

Staff Journalist, DIE ZEIT

Vienna, Austria

Andreas Herrmann

Journalist / Medienberater

Herrnhut, Germany

Stefan Günther

project manager / photo editor, n-ost

Zurich, Switzerland

More focus areas

We are always reacting to current issues but there are also some topics which have been recurrent themes in our work. Here are a few.

Supporting Journalism in Ukraine

From safety risks to source validation, journalists working in Ukraine amidst the war grapple with formidable challenges. Supporting them is a key cornerstone of democratic Europe.
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Climate Journalism

Every journalist is a climate journalist. Or should be one, at least. Climate change affects each and every aspect of life. So, let´s put it, where it belongs: On top of the agenda.
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Documentary Photography

Images are playing an increasingly important role in the perception of journalistic topics. We develope photographic projects and work with photographers from all over Europe.
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Foreign Reporting

The world fades away, when media lack the resources to report from their neighboring states or correspondents have to cover whole continents. We lobby for it.
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Exile & Decolonisation

We deconstruct colonial narratives, strenghen decolonial media practice and support exiled journalists in reporting for and about their countries.
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Feminism & LGBTIQ+

We want to empower journalists to unlock authentic narratives and promote diverse representation within the media content through a queer feminist perspective.
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European Public Spheres

Domestic issues dominate the media coverage, but European journalism only works if we widen the lens beyond the national.
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Investigative Journalism

In our interconnected world, investigate journalism has to transcend borders. We help connect the dots on issues that resonate globally.
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Disinformation is a key challenge for journalism all over the world. We support journaliststs to cope with it.
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