n-ost Hub for Border Crossing Journalism

We are thrilled to introduce the n-ost Media Hub, a dynamic and inclusive space where journalists from diverse backgrounds can work, connect, collaborate, and shape the future of border crossing journalism

In our office we currently provide space where journalists can work on their own projects, exchange ideas, share experiences, and amplify their voices. Our goal is to strengthen and connect independent journalism all over Europe and to promote accurate, reliable, and responsible reporting.

The n-ost Hub for Border Crossing Journalism is an opportunity to become a part of an already existing and growing journalistic network. We take pride in providing an informal and smaller space that fosters a sense of belonging while upholding journalistic standards and values.


When joining you gain access to a range of amenities to facilitate your journalistic endeavors, including:

  • Hot Desks: Benefit from a flexible and comfortable workspace
  • Conference Room: Conduct (hybrid) meetings, interviews, and collaborative sessions in our well-equipped conference room
  • Co-Production-Facility: Access our co-production facility and post-production area, empowering you to produce compelling video and audio content for your projects.
  • Networking and Learning Opportunities: In addition to the physical space, we offer various networking events, workshops and discussion rounds, providing opportunities to connect with like-minded journalists and experts as well as with the n-ost team.
Nauryz - Kazakh spring celebration, March 2023