Film screening "We're All Going to Die" — A mostly funny documentary by Ben Knight

On December 12, 2023, n-ost cinema presents the extraordinary film "We're All Going To Die" by Berlin-based filmmaker and journalist Ben Knight, who will be present to discuss the end of the world and of course answer questions about his movie.

"We're All Going to Die" — A mostly funny documentary by Ben Knight

Ben, afflicted by the all-encompassing crises he is condemned to write about for a living, travels from Berlin to Kansas to Norway and finally the centre of all loss, the Chicxulub crater in Mexico, to learn from those preparing for social and ecological collapse. Call them preppers, climate doomers, or bunker-dwellers, the collapse community turns out to be bigger than anyone thinks.

"I loved everything about this film. The melancholy, the humour, the quiet desperation, the silliness of our species - and how Ben Knight manages to condense many people's perplexity in our absurd times into something positive and entertaining." – Sibylle Berg, author

"Ben Knight is a brilliant film-maker and anyone who wants to figure out how to think about the fate of humanity should watch his excellent film." – Johann Hari, bestselling author of Stolen Focus and Chasing the Scream

"This film taps into a deep concern that many in contemporary society sense but perhaps dare not yet speak. Knight masterfully uses his own distinct style of dry humour to take viewers on a journey across the globe, meeting some of the strangest people and ideas out there in the realm of the ‘collapse aware'." – Papillon, artist, musician, environmental scientist