Film screening "The Hamlet Syndrome"

Join us for a special screening and discussion with both directors of "The Hamlet Syndrome", a precise look at the post-Soviet generation in Ukraine by Elwira Niewiera and Piotr Rosołowski.

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After celebrating successes all over the world with their previous films "Domino Effect", and "The Prince and the Dybbuk", the directors are now back with an important and topical film from Ukraine.

The film brings together Katya, Oxana, Rodion, Roman and Slavik, five very different people in a theatre project initiated especially for the film shortly before Russia's full scale invasion. The difficult, autobiographical rehearsal process, with its various conflicts, was accompanied by the filmmakers intensively and at the same time carefully with the camera.

It shows very clearly and personally the fault lines and different experiences of a generation that was born after the end of the Soviet Union, actively experienced the Maidan and has had to live with a war in its own country since 2014.

However, the collaboration on stage also shows the possibilities of reconciling different lifestyles and views in the face of Ukraine's modernisation and the simultaneous rejection of a brutal embrace of the old social model by Russia.

The director of the film, Elwira Niewiera, also founded the association existentia-ev. together with Ulrike von Waitz shortly after the full-scale invasion of Russia in February 2022, with the aim of helping people in Ukraine in existential need.

Visitors to the free screening are very welcome to donate to this association, which itself helps organise aid transports, at this link.