Ukraine Reported: Ethics of Covering the War (Kyiv Media Hub event)

Kyiv Media Hub is a series of monthly events and networking activities in the framework of “The Europe-Ukraine Desk” project. These events are aimed at bringing together Ukrainian journalists and their foreign colleagues to discuss professional topics related to journalistic work in Ukraine, share experiences, and create opportunities for collaboration.

On August 3, a panel discussion “Ukraine Reported: The Ethics of Covering the War” took place in Urban Space 500. It focused on the ethical challenges of reporting on Russia’s war against Ukraine. The invited speakers discussed the following questions:

  • How to cover war without harming the people involved in the publications, their loved ones, as well as the audience?
  • How to maintain vigilance and sensitivity in the circumstances of war where deaths, injuries, losses are a part of everyday news?
  • How to deal with Russia in your stories? How to match journalistic standards that imply “balance” and “contradictory opinions” when referring to the aggressor?

Invited speakers:

  • Andriy Dubchak, founder and head of the independent reporting media "Donbas Frontliner", correspondent and photojournalist, Gongadze Prize finalist (2023);
  • Oksana Romaniuk, media expert, executive director of the Institute of Mass Information;
  • Fermin Torrano, freelance journalist who covers Russia’s war against Ukraine for Spanish media;

Moderation by Angelina Kariakina, journalist, former head of news UA: PBC, cofounder Public Interest Journalism Lab.

The discussion was live-streamed on the Facebook pages of n-ost and Gongadze Prize.