BoostYourMedia: Ukraine Incubator

The project took place in November 2022 - February 2023. Aimed at helping editorial teams from Ukraine build and maintain their sustainability and ensure the production of quality content, project provided individual consulting sessions with a tailor-made approach.

Project Summary

Ukraine Incubator included consulting and training sessions for each of participating media.

The main thrust of the project was to provide individualized support to the participating media outlets. Ukrainian and international trainers offered tailored guidance in key areas such as fundraising, strategic planning, content distribution, audience engagement, team building, and psychological sustainability. Consultations were shaped according to the unique needs and challenges faced by each editorial team, ensuring that the support provided was both relevant and effective.

The project commenced with an intensive offline training session in Lviv, Ukraine. It was led by Olga Myrovych, the CEO of Lviv Media Forum, and provided valuable insights and practical knowledge on fundraising strategies, an essential skill for media organizations seeking sustainability and growth.

Participants of the project took part in the training on fundraising in Lviv, Ukraine.

By providing targeted training and individualized support, the project sought to enhance the sustainability and impact of media organizations. Participants were equipped with the tools to effectively inform and engage their audiences, foster innovation, and secure the resources needed to continue their vital work.