Next Station Ukraine

Images from the Ukrainian subways, used as shelters during Russian attacks, are on display in the subway stations of European cities. Public space exhibitions, raising awareness about the war in Ukraine, already took place in Berlin, Hamburg and Prague.

On commercial billboards people see images of ordinary Ukrainians hiding in Kyiv and Kharkiv underground from Russian rockets while trying to maintain their everyday life there. It is not a campaign but rather our attempt to find another medium for documentary photography.

We work with Ukrainian and international photographers who contributed their images to the exhibitions: Maxim Dondyuk (Ukraine), Pavel Dorogoy (Ukraine), Serhii Korovayny (Ukraine), Viacheslav Ratynski (Ukraine), Jędrzej Nowicki (Poland) and Emile Ducke (Germany).

Photo: n-ost, Hannah Wilson. Original Image is made by Serhii Korovayny

"I hope it will be a powerful experience for people in Berlin traveling in the subway and seeing pictures from the Ukrainian underground."

Ukrainian photographer Serhii Korovayny

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