Conference on Climate Journalism in Eastern Europe and Caucasus

Over the last years, n-ost has been fostering climate journalism in various media projects. From 27 to 29 August we will convene journalists from all over Eastern Europe to an international conference in Tbilisi. We will discuss how to render the climate crisis a relevant topic on the region´s public agenda

Getting real about climate journalism!

Climate change is a reality - also in Eastern Europe. Glaciers are melting, farmers are struggling. Old and marginalized people in particular suffer from the unbearable heat in summer. Yet many governments in Eastern Europe are doing little to prepare their countries for the challenges ahead. And the media is often finding it difficult to convey the consequences of climate change in real human stories.

  • How can I tell an exciting climate story?

  • How is climate change related to topics such as health and disinformation?

  • Where can I find reliable data about my country?

  • Which new formats can I use to reach a large audience?

Find out in a series of short workshops during the conference!

Join us on an excursion to several Georgian newsrooms - or learn what the city government of Tbilisi is doing to increase climate resilience!

Discuss the political situation Georgia and reflect on the intricacies in the mutual perception of Ukrainian and Belarusian journalists!

A detailed program of the conference will be available soon.

Register here by 3rd June!

If you have any questions regarding the Conference, please, do not hesitate to contact Iryna Ponedelnik (Climate Project Manager)