Spheres of Influence: Conference in Samarkand

Spheres of Influence Uncovered is a cross-border, data-driven media project that brings together journalists from across Eurasia to collaborate on topics related to geopolitics and economic impact. From 18–23 November 2024, we will be hosting a five-day conference in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, to present our journalists’ findings and help equip them for further groundbreaking work.

Our continent has entered a new era of great power rivalry and economic competition. Against this tumultuous backdrop, Spheres of Influence Uncovered empowers local journalists to explore the connections between these larger, geopolitical trends and their local economic impact.

Over the past two years, the journalists participating in this project have written a number of fantastic data-driven, cross-border, and multimedia stories on a range of topics – from the benefits and drawbacks of free trade agreements with China, to the spread of the European gig economy to Georgia.

They have also been busy gathering data as part of wider research efforts to understand and visualise their countries’ economic cooperation with China, Russia, and the EU. These efforts include mapping development projects financed by China, Russia, and the EU, as well as gathering data on energy imports and exports.

In Samarkand, a historic city that has seen the rise and fall of great empires, journalists will get the opportunity to present their work, exchange ideas, and to receive further training on how to collect and use data.

The conference will take place from 18–23 November 2024 and will consist of two parts – a closed workshop for participating journalists, and a two day conference with an extended circle of experts and stakeholders. At this latter part, the participating journalists will present their collected data, introducing it as a resource to the wider community, as well as making useful connections and discussing potential collaborations.

A detailed program will be available soon.