Reporters in the Field

From the European Parliament elections to Brexit to the CumEx-Files: all signs point to the continued significance of cross-border journalism to make sense of complex transnational issues. For five years our "Reporters in the field grant" allowed fellows to dig deeper and collaborate with others to cover relevant European stories that don’t stop at borders.

A brief history 

From 2015 to 2020, we awarded research grants up to 8,000€ per team for a story of their choice, to receive training and feedback from experts and become part of a pan-European network of cross-border practitioners. 

The grant program is discontinued. The last round of applications was accepted in September 2019 and the final 8 research teams have completed their investigations in 2020. 

In total the program supported 201 journalists of 72 research projects in 38 countries of Europe. Our fellows published more than 200 stories in many relevant national and international media outlets all over the world and won several journalism awards. To learn more about them, visit and follow the project accounts on Twitter and Facebook

Result we are proud of

In order to make the lessons learned from our numerous and diverse research projects available to other practitioners and newcomers of cross-border journalism, a group of Reporters in the Field alumni have prepared a cross-border playbook. It is an interactive toolkit which gives you useful tips and tricks how to start and conduct your cross-broder research. How to develop your idea, what types of cross-border exist and why does cooperation matter? You will find the answers to these and many other questions in our  playbook.

We thank the Robert Bosch Foundation for their generous support and the many years of great cooperation!

"Mark your home country" - Introduction & Energizing Round with the Reporters' Fellows.