Legal Leaks

Project Summary


Together with its Madrid-based partner, Access Info, n-ost helped to launch the European freedom of information project, Legal Leaks. The goal of the project is to establish one’s right to freely access information as a natural research tool for both journalists and bloggers. The project, organized over many years, integrates elements of training, advice and lobbying.

A central instrument of Legal Leaks is a handbook, developed and printed by both Access Info and n-ost. The handbook has been published in many different languages.

The “Legal Leaks Toolkit” provides journalists and bloggers from all across Europe with an overview of the differing ways in which they can use their rights to freely access information for research purposes.


A wide network of journalists and NGOs from all over Europe has grown as a result of the project. National helpdesks supported by legal experts now serve as a lifeline for working investigative, regional and local journalists.

Workshops within the context of the project have taken place in Berlin, Budapest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Chisinau and Tirana.

The project has been supported to date by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), by the Open Society Institute (OSI) and by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation.

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