Webinar How to reach your audience and find sources from the diaspora?

Published on Jan 31, 2024

Join us on 7 February for an enriching discussion on navigating the complexities of reaching domestic and diaspora audiences in the realm of exiled media. Let's come together to explore innovative approaches and foster connections that transcend borders.

We are excited to announce an upcoming webinar featuring Charlotte Alfred, an investigative editor and journalist, and senior editor at Lighthouse Reports—a trailblazing investigative newsroom known for radically collaborative journalism. Charlotte will delve into key strategies for reaching your audience and effectively tapping into diaspora sources, offering insights into the evolving dynamics of journalism and storytelling within diaspora communities.

Join us for this enlightening session, where Charlotte will share techniques for audience engagement, explore the nuances of building connections with diaspora sources, and shed light on the concept of radically collaborative journalism. The webinar will include real-world case studies, success stories, and an interactive Q&A session, providing practical takeaways to elevate your journalistic practices.