Decolonizing Journalism

The four-day workshop brought together the representatives of (exile) media projects who, due to their perspective, are able to deal with the manifestations of (Russian) colonialism.

Within a week we received around 130 applications from qualified applicants across all ex-Soviet states, proving that the topic has a particular relevance nowadays. 

During the intensive 4-day workshop in Berlin, 19 participants from 9 countries presented their work and had exchange rounds with their peers. Together with invited speakers, each of whom had a unique perspective on different colonial histories, the group has analysed media products and focused on decolonial approaches and movements. 

At the end of the workshop, attendees pitched a story and received mini grants for content production. 

Participants from 9 countries met in Berlin in December 2022.

A key feature of this project is that we managed to build a very diverse group that included journalists, researchers, and activists who deal or plan to deal with decolonial thinking and put it into practice. Participants’ level of involvement and high interest serve as proof that the project and its topic are relevant and can be further implemented in future cross-border collaborations. The project was developed in cooperation with JX Fund.

Articles produced as a result of the workshop

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