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Published on May 2, 2024

Read previous newsletter publications and find out what topics have been discussed in Europe regarding the war in Ukraine.

The weekly newsletter gives insights on the war against Ukraine discussed in European media, debunking disinformation, and spotlighting key narratives and voices from Ukraine.

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#38 Female DJs in wartime

#37 Sunbathing in the red zone (11.07.2024)

#36 Ten reasons why we stayed at a warzone (04.07.2024)

#35 Army recruitment centres across Ukraine compete for the best candidates (27.06.2024)

#34 Far-right surge in Germany, France tests support for Kyiv (20.06.2024) 

#33 Getting ready for a harsh winter while sun still shines (13.06.2024)

#32 The impossible picture (29.05.2024) 

#31 "We started realising our responsibility" (23.05.2024)

#30 Uncertain steps to freedom: How volunteers still evacuate people from seized Mariupol (16.05.2024)

#29 "My husband is not made for war": how relations between military personnel and civilian families can break down, and how to mend them (09.05.2024)

#28 Torture, forced confessions, judged for journalism: a reporter in the penal colony (02.05.2024) 

#27 Nothing but the truth: ten Ukrainian war documentaries (18.04.2024)

#26 Why Ukraine needs fair trials for Russian suspects of war crimes (09.04.2024)

#25 Freeze the war, make peace or wait for surrender: what does Russia want? (02.04.2024)

#24 Who killed Alla Horska? (26.03.2024)

#23 Mariupol two years after annexation (19.03.2024)

#22 Constitution put to test during martial law (14.03.2024)

#21 Crimean Tatar Leader on occupation, autonomy and a phone call with Putin (05.03.2024) 

#20 How should we remember 24 February? (29.02.2024) 

#19 “Let her dance, and I will stop the bombs” (22.02.2024) 

#18 Revealing the Hrynkevychs’ clandestine multi-million property empire (08.02.2024)

#17 From the State of Security to the State of Fight (01.02.2024)

#16 We had to learn to help each other, not go through pain on repeat (25.01.2024)

#15 Mature or die — There's no other option for our state (18.01.2024)

#14 That was 2023 (11.01.2024) 

#13 War literature on loss (04.01.2024)

#12 A necessary medicine for wounded souls (21.12.2023)

#11 Reporting from the Polish-Ukrainian blockade (14.12.2023) 

#10 Meet the female military commanders (07.12.2023)

#9 A handful of breadcrumbs (30.11.2023)

#8 Young, zealous, and tenacious: the Ukrainian students behind revolutions (23.11.2023)

#7 Online start-ups tap into Ukraine's 359 million euro therapy market (16.11.2023)

#6 Someone else's war no longer exists in the modern world (09.11.2023)

#5 Create in spite of fear (02.11.2023)

#4 Why I decided to get a mortgage during wartime (26.10.2023)

#3 Meeting the rebuilders of Kharkiv (19.10.2023)

#2 The only checkpoint between Ukraine and Russia (12.10.2023)

#1 Welcome to our newsletter (05.10.2023)

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