Relaunch of

Published on Oct 31, 2023

n-ost has a new website, reflecting what we have grown into over the last years. Take a tour!

Please be aware, it's still BETA! Bugs and misspellings will be eliminated, information still missing will be added over the next weeks!

The new is built around key features of what our work is about: 

  • the topics and journalistic fields we focus on: our Focus Areas
  • People & Partners: Check out and filter our Network!
  • Publications & Newsletters
  • the Countries and Regions we cover and connect.

All those working more closely with us - partners, project participants and network members: Please feel encouraged to show your connection by uploading or editing your profile on here

If you have difficulties, turn to Nati Zehnalová, our community manager:

All those supporting and reading us: Thank you for your interest & support!