Launch of EECCA Climate Journalists and Communicators Network

Published on Apr 12, 2024

In an age where climate change is an urgent global concern, effective communication is paramount. Recognizing the need for a dedicated platform to foster collaboration and exchange among climate communicators and journalists, CAN EECCA and n-ost have come together to launch the communEECCAtors network.

What exactly is the communEECCAtors network? It is a professional community tailored for climate journalists and communicators hailing from the Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia (EECCA) region. It serves as a safe and courageous space, aiming to connect professionals across the vast geographical expanse, regardless of their physical location.

Who is this network designed for? The communEECCAtors network welcomes a diverse range of individuals, including communication specialists based in NGOs, journalists, and media and social media specialists who incorporate climate-related content into their work. Importantly, participation is not limited to residents of EECCA countries; anyone with an interest in the region is encouraged to join.

But why the need for such a community? Climate change presents unique challenges and nuances in the EECCA region, and the communEECCAtors network provides a platform to address these specific issues openly and constructively. It serves as a collaborative hub where members can access valuable data, research, and expertise, enhancing the quality and accuracy of their reporting and communications.

The benefits of joining the communEECCAtors network are manifold. Members gain access to a wealth of resources, including data, research materials, and expert insights, facilitating informed and impactful storytelling. Additionally, the network serves as a preparatory platform for major climate events like the Conference of the Parties (COP), equipping members with the knowledge and connections necessary to navigate and contribute to these critical gatherings.

Anneke Hudalla, Project Manager at n-ost, emphasizes the importance of collaboration in climate journalism.

In order to boost climate journalism, cooperation between scientists, activists, and journalists is key. Our new network will help overcome the divide between journalists and experts, taking climate journalism in the region to a new level.

Anneke Hudalla, Project Manager at n-ost

CAN EECCA is the biggest network of environmental NGOs in the region. We help NGOs to stay informed, connected and organized. At the same time, many of the civil society actors are multitaskers, being activists, experts and communicators at the same time. The civil society is basically surviving among multiple foreign agent laws, resource deficit and stereotypes which limits their capacities and defocuses them. Over the past years, we saw a need among the communicators based in NGOs and journalists from the region to have a consolidated platform for exchange and discussion. We called this space «safe and brave» because without those two characteristics it is impossible to achieve any results in our region.

Olha Boiko, coordinator of CAN EECCA

The communEECCAtors network represents a significant step forward in advancing climate communication and journalism in the EECCA region. By fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and building connections, this network empowers its members to amplify their voices and drive positive change in the fight against climate change.