Webinar How to Work with Complex Topics (Climate and Health) on Instagram/TikTok

Published on Feb 6, 2024

Join us on 25 March for an enriching discussion about intricacies of working with complex topics like Climate and Health on Instagram and TikTok.

Speaker: Introducing Jana Heck, a distinguished freelance journalist renowned for her expertise in economic, scientific, and investigative topics. Jana will be our guide through the fascinating world of online journalism, sharing insights on effectively navigating the realms of Climate and Health on social media.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Crafting compelling narratives on Instagram and TikTok
  • Strategies for engaging your audience on complex subjects
  • Overcoming challenges in reporting on Climate and Health

Important Note: To ensure an exclusive and interactive experience, we will NOT be recording this webinar. The valuable insights shared by Jana Heck will be exclusively available to our registered participants.