Exploring Parenthood: Ampop's In-Depth Coverage on Surrogacy and Selective Abortions

Published on Feb 11, 2024

Ampop, as part of the Online Journalism, in-depth project, delves into the multifaceted landscape of parenthood through its recent articles on surrogacy and the impact of war and crisis on selective abortions in Armenia.

In "Parenthood Through Surrogacy" Ampop's journalists provide an insightful exploration of the growing trend of surrogacy in the country. The piece goes beyond the surface, uncovering the emotional and legal aspects of this alternative path to parenthood. By presenting in-depth interviews and personal stories, the article sheds light on the challenges and triumphs experienced by those involved in the surrogacy process, offering a comprehensive view of this evolving aspect of Armenian family dynamics.

In contrast, Ampop's coverage takes a somber turn in "War and Crisis Bring a Selective Abortions Increase." Journalists address the profound impact of geopolitical events on reproductive choices in Armenia. The intersection of societal upheaval and individual choices becomes evident, emphasizing the difficult decisions faced by expectant mothers in the midst of war. 

Through the lens of Ampop's journalists, readers are invited to contemplate the varied facets of parenthood, from the joyous possibilities of surrogacy to the heartbreaking consequences of selective abortions during times of conflict.