Competing Narratives workshop - when journalists are knowledge multipliers

Published on Nov 27, 2023

How do you develop a story idea when reporting abroad? What to consider before covering a conflict and how to prepare for such a task? How do you report foreign news without being superficial?

These and many other questions were answered last week by Turkish journalists Can Ertuna and Didem Tali. Together they ran two workshops (both offline and hybrid) on covering foreign affairs and pitching stories to the foreign media. The activity was based on Can's and Didem's professional practice and in particular on the experience gained during the "Competing Narratives" project.
Many thanks to the Turkish Journalists' Union Academy for hosting the workshops and to the active audience present at the event.

Can Ertuna speaking about his experience of covering foreign conflicts and developments abroad.
Didem Tali is sharing with the audience the steps she takes when pitching stories to the international media
The speakers managed to awaken students’ interest in international affairs.
Meaningful engagement with future journalists is the key to their growth.