Webinar Recap: Sustainable Cities: Adapting to Climate Change in EECCA

Published on Dec 6, 2023

Missed our insightful webinar with CAN EECCA? Don't worry! The recording is now available for you to catch up on all the valuable discussions.

On December 6th, a webinar titled "Sustainable Cities: Adapting to Climate Change in EECCA" was jointly organized by n-ost and CAN EECCA. The event focused on crucial aspects of urban adaptation to climate change within the EECCA region. Esteemed experts, Dr. Maria Falaleeva and Mariam Devidze, shared their insights into the impact of climate change on cities and discussed strategies for adaptation in the current state of EECCA.

The webinar highlighted practical tips from these experts, emphasizing the significance of effective communication on the topic. Additionally, participants delved into a comprehensive exploration of strategies and international programs aimed at adapting cities to confront the challenges posed by climate shifts.

For those intrigued by the intersection of climate change and urban development, particularly within the EECCA region, this webinar serves as essential viewing.

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