Op-Eds: What do they look like?

Published on Dec 12, 2023

Over twenty students from Journalism faculty of Yerevan State University joined the workshop focused on the art of op-ed pieces. They will have less wonders from now on why those articles in dailies or online seem to be more conversational in style and format of writing are called op-ed articles.

 The answers to the questions by digging into exactly what an op-ed article is, as well as discussing some examples, like how to write an op-ed, have been provided by Tatev Harutyunyan, Aravot daily reporter & lecturer and Lilit Shashverdyan, correspondent at EurasiaNet. They both shared the professional knowledge gained also throughout the “Competing Narratives” project. 

Strengthening journalism education is possible through such interactive sessions.
Rayhan Demytrie, BBC journalist covering the South Caucasus & Central Asia, shared her deep professional practices and insights online.