Clemens Schöll

Journalist, Clean Energy Wire

Based in: Berlin, Germany

Since many years I have been working professionally for the exchange and networking of journalists - worldwide, with a focus on Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. I design and manage projects - from short seminars with small to multi-year programmes with a six-figure budget, with money from private foundations as well as financing from state, federal and EU funds, in Germany and abroad. I organise conferences, press trips and background talks. I can open up access to various media - in all CEE countries and beyond. I help to improve the chances of success of programmes, initiatives and products. Through communication and contacts. I advise foundations, public bodies, associations and companies - in the planning, restructuring or evaluation of projects, in the training of employees, in new projects, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, and in public relations. With understanding and strategic vision. I love to pass on my knowledge - as well as my opinions: as moderator and p

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