Hans-Jörg Schmidt

euro|topics correspondent Czechia and Slovakia, Freelance journalist

Based in: Prague, Czech Republic

Hans-Jörg is active in the projects: euro|topics

Hans-Jörg Schmidt is correspondent in Czechia and in Slovakia for euro|topics and several German-language newspapers, including Die Welt, and also LandesEcho Prague. After studying journalism he moved to Prague, where he has lived since 1990. His book "Tschechien - eine Nachbarschaftskunde für Deutsche"/"Tschechien - ein Länderporträt" was published by the Christoph-Links-Verlag in 2006/2008/2010/2016 and the book "Tschechien - wieder Zeman/Kein Frühling in Prag" was published by the Verlag 3.0 in 2013.

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