Nils Bröer

Editor | Photographer, Germany


Nils Bröer is Freelancer Reporter and Photographer with a focus on social issues, international politics, crisis, and documentary- and portrait photography based in Berlin, Germany.

His work has been published in national and international newspapers and magazines.

He is the father of a beautiful son, has a beautiful wife and this beautiful wife has a beautiful cat. Together those four people live in Berlin.

Nils Bröer is not afraid in the dark, prefers film over digital and Fender amps over Marshall. He loves Fellini and Antonioni and a has a general fondness for Modal Jazz.

He is also a well known Football player.

German, English, basic French, basic Russian, basic Serbian, Latin
Country expertise
Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Croatia, Moldova / Transnistria, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
Print, Online, Multimedia, Presentation, Training
Topic expertise
Policy, Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Business and Finance, Agriculture, Tourism, Environment & Energy, Society, Democracy & Civil Society, Migration & Integration, History & Memory, Culture, Science & Research, Media


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