Mandy Ganske-Zapf

freelancer, Germany


Freelancer, living in Magdeburg/Germany, still close to Berlin as well as to Moscow and Russia.
Mandy Ganske-Zapf is freelancing since three years, for online and print media and – that’s new - with some piece on the radio. Regularly her texts on Russia are published in Berliner Zeitung, Magdeburger Volksstimme and Netzpiloten. A scholarship took her 2012/2013 to Moscow, where she has been working as an editor for Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung. She studied Political Science, Media and Economics and is often in Russia. Other stuff of what she is doing, you can find here:

Country expertise
Print, Radio, Online
Topic expertise
Policy, Democracy & Civil Society, Social policy & Labor, History & Memory, Media


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