Anthony Pizzoferrato



“At heart, I’m part documentarian and part story-teller. I’m a lifelong learner and I enjoy telling stories that can have real human impact on society.”

Anthony Pizzoferrato is an Italian American Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker based in Yerevan, Armenia and the United States. His work is focused on reporting complex social issues, conflicts and cultural history within the Caucasus, Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Anthony has a unique insight to working as reporter abroad by nature with his past military service where he spent time in Eastern Afghanistan in 2010 prior to his entering a career into the realm of photojournalism. He has had the opportunity to work alongside several NGOs and continues to work to tell the stories which can lead to some sort of advocacy or enlightenment. Anthony has a deep love for people, culture and historical identities with a profound interest for learning and teaching that can lead to some sort of change and bring value to the community or bring awareness to a particular topic or region of the world.

Country expertise
Afghanistan, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine
Print, TV/Video, Photo, Online, Multimedia, Project Management
Topic expertise
Policy, Agriculture, Tourism, Environment & Energy, Human rights & Equality, Society, History & Memory, Religion, Culture, Science & Research, Media


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