Caroline Chrissi Wilkens

Journalist, Greece

Chrissi Wilkens was born 1976 in Munich. Studies in sociology, social psychology and communications in Munich. Since 2003 based as a journalist in Athens, initially working in the international section of the newspaper 'Investorʼs World' and later as a correspondent and contributor for various German speaking media including Der Spiegel, Die Welt, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, FM4/ORF, Sonntagszeitung, WOZ. She is correspondent for Greece and Cyprus for the portal Eurotopics. She is focusing on social and politico-economic issues linked to migration, integration, labor, human rights, civil society, religion, culture, education, tourism, agriculture, media, history / memory, European integration.

Greek, German, English, Italian, French
Country expertise
Albania, Greece, Serbia, Cyprus
Print, Radio, TV/Video, Photo, Multimedia, Translations
Topic expertise
Policy, European Integration , Agriculture, Tourism, Environment & Energy, Human rights & Equality, Society, Democracy & Civil Society, Social policy & Labor, Migration & Integration, History & Memory, Religion, Culture, Schooling & Education, Media


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