As an Agency, we deliver stories researched on-location and offer an alternative to the traditional news ticker. We're always aware of the events about which the media reports - and how they choose to do so.

"n-ost journalists broaden our view of Eastern Europe by showing us the everyday life outside of the metropolises."

Werner D'Inka
Editor of the F.A.Z.

"n-ost represents fastidious, independent journalism with a clear central political idea: The collaborative growth of a democratic Europe through research-based, transnational reporting."

Markus Hipp
Managing Director of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

"n-ost facilitates exchange between the differing corners of Europe, shows how diverse the European worlds of life, experience and memory can be, and mediates access to foreign lands."

Uwe Neumärker
Director of the Foundation for the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe